Skylark Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd.

Broiler G.P. Operation, Broiler & Layer Parent Operation, Poultry Processing Broiler Integration and Poultry Feed and Poultry Equipments.

Since its founding in 1985, Skylark is committed to providing high quality poultry products to consumers and is known for quality, innovation and value of its product offerings. Skylark Group, the largest poultry integrator of North India has operations in the fields of Grand Parent Stock, Parent Stock, Hatcheries, Broiler Contract Farming, Poultry Feed Production and Poultry Equipments.

Strengthened with highly organised integrated production of more than 5 million broilers, Skylark has ventured into a poultry processing to provide fresh, healthy, hygienic & wholesome chicken directly to consumers.

How Nutrich is the best chicken

The best products begin with the best chicken. Nutrich hygienic chicken is raised on AGP Free & Antibiotic Free diet and without Coccidiostats or Anti Coccidial drugs. Nutrich hygienic chicken comes from grand parent stock of Hubbard Breeders, France, one of the largest producer of pure line & grand parent in the world.

This breed is the product of years of genetic selection by top poultry scientists. The modern bird yields a high percentage of tasty & nutritious meat which means more value for money to consumers.

Nutrich chicken birds are reared using Skylark's own produced day old chicks (DOC's) and are fed with own high nutrition feed. The feed is produced using protein rich grains like Corn & Soyabean and other important minerals & nutrients.

Strict biosecurity measures are adopted at our farms to ensure disease free birds. The health & growth of birds are closely monitored by trained veterinary doctors.

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