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The Metirionic team can relate to many years of experience in the area of marketing, research and development of wireless systems from ground up. We have been responsible for the formation and management of complex development programs across multiple cultures and continents and successfully introduced products in the global market. Now we are looking for a new adventure - Metirionic.

Determining the physical location of nodes within distributed wireless networks becomes a fundamental requirement for many applications emerging with the Internet of Things (IoT). Radio-based Real-Time Localization Services (RTLS) will complement traditional wireless meshed network technology and enable new applications and services.

Metirionic combines in-depth knowledge of radio based distance measurements towards custom services and products for integration in new generation of RTLS solutions.

Demo Kit MIC-DMK-10

Tired of using RSSI to find your wireless sensor nodes?
Looking for a robust alternative to extend your wireless sensor network products with real-time-location services (RTLS)?

The kit is setup to provide best user experience and a high degree of flexibility during the demo session. The demo can easily customized to specific needs.

Battery powered nodes (suitable for AAA primary cells or NiMH
rechargeable cells)
Network management and distance measurement control
Channel Scan to search for unused communication channels
Support of antenna diversity to improve operation in harsh
Easy extendable with additional sensor nodes

Engineering Services

Metirionic offers services and products that are in close connection with the ranging technology:

1. System Development
2. Software Development
3. Hardware Development