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Wedderburn Weighing and Labelling Solutions
Wedderburn, 73 Latitude Bvd.
VIC 3074 Thomastown
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Since manufacturing our first scale in 1896, Wedderburn has been at the leading edge of technology.

From those small beginnings we grew in size and breadth of service to be recognised as a complete weighing and labelling solutions provider. Today we supply a vast range of equipment and technical services for weighing, food processing, label manufacturing, printers and point of sale systems - and our technologies are some of the best in the world.

A family-owned business we have a network of 20 branches throughout Australian and 11 in New Zealand. This coverage enables us to provide a comprehensive network of sales, technical support, servicing and calibration.

Above all else our greatest assets are our customers ? our success is based on a commitment to exceptional customer service. And we add value in any way we can, from individual customisation of products to mobile servicing.

The Wedderburn story began in London. Here Jabez William Wedderburn worked in his family's scalemaking company. After realising that his brothers would inherit the business, Jabez decided to ply his trade in Australia. In 1896 he opened Wedderburn Scales at 88 Liverpool Street in Sydney.

With no help from home, the early years were difficult. Although a qualified scalemaker, Jabez was forced to work as a coal miner, a wharfie and a professional runner. But by the turn of the Century, he had five employees and was known not only as a proficient mechanical scalemaker, but he was also well known with city weights and measures officials.

He would often challenge the local establishment to "press" the scale weights and rumour has it he never lost a bet.