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The Expo-Guide is a comprehensive database for trade fairs and exhibitions, exhibitors and event management companies. More than 15,500 trade fairs and 3.0 million exhibitors can be accessed at all times. Various search and research facilities make the Expo-Guide an efficient reference guide in the trade fairs sector and an effective medium in advertising. When it comes to finding trade fairs and exhibitions, to participate as an exhibitor or visitor, or to find qualified companies from all over the world in a specific branch of industry, the Expo-Guide is the reference medium. An excellent opportunity for every exhibitor to boost the level of awareness of their own company and to make participation in a trade fair all the more worthwhile.

Every existing exhibitor is going to be published as a free listing (Company Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, E-Mail, URL) in Expo-Guide. In the course of postal verification of the Address, every exhibitor is going to be offered to convert their insertion into an effective payable insertion.

An effective payable insertion

A paid advert placement consists of an individually designed advertisement. In search results, in which the respective company is included , the company details are displayed graphically highlighted before the free listing and provided with the company logo if available. A link allows interested users to access a company presentation, otherwise known as the 'integrated website'. This company presentation features the address, contact details and persons.

Separate pages can be used for presenting the products and services of the particular company and for making references to any branches it may have. An integrated contact facility goes to complete the offering. The company presentation can also be accessed directly at the URL http://www.expo-guide.com/ . The Expo-Guide ad department will incorporate up to 15 images into the company presentation, plus up to 5,000 characters, even if these are supplied in printed form. For quality reasons, it is however always advisable to supply the company logo in electronic form. Alterations can be made at any time by the ad department and have to be made known to the appointed customer advisor.

Minimum duration to run the insertion in Expo-guide is 3 years with a cost of only EUR 1271.00 or US$ 1676.00 per year including all the services mentioned. This price is only for Companies who took part in exhibitions. Please contact the Publisher for other insertion possibilities.

The difference - Carefully read this information before making your decision

Following, you will find the difference between a free listing and effective payable insertion:

Free listing
Company name
Telephone, Fax, e-mail, URL
The payable insertion displays comprehensive and extensive company information. It includes the following details and services, as well as placing your company higher in the search results.
Payable insertion
(Integrated Website)
Graphic design / Company logo in search results
Your graphically highlighted insertion includes your company logo and secures a higher ranking in search results.
Company name
Telephone, Fax, URL

Link to fairs

Link to Integrated Website
http://www.expo-guide.com/ loads your web page (Integrated Website) at Expo-Guide.
Company presentation
Your presentation includes 5 images scanned by Expo-Guide or 15 sent via email plus two pages of text.
Information featured:
-Company Logo
-National and international offices
-Agencies and representations
-Products and services
-Field and region of operation

-Up to four contact persons including their position
-Languages for correspondence
-Number of employees
-Annual turnover
-VAT number
-Year of foundation, etc...

A separate page allows the user to get in touch with your company via email.
Free update service during the contractual period.
Would you like to reserve an insertion? Please read carefully the information above-mentioned and our General Conditions for Trade and Payments!

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