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Unit 1 Baytree Farm, Middle Lane
B38 0DT Kings Norton, Birmingham
Great Britain
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Seafood Distribution

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Uhrenholt A/S is a global food company, supplying products within the categories dairy, seafood, meat and vegetables to wholesale, foodservice and industrial customers across the world.

We have a long tradition and experience within sales of food products and ingredients. Reliability, tailor-made service and ability to spot and seize opportunities together with our partners have made Uhrenholt a preferred partner for many years.

Seafood Sourcing - We have unique sourcing partnerships with selected suppliers across the world. Our in-depth product knowledge and in-depth knowledge about the market situation enables us to buy at the right time and offer a competitive price. We supply a comprehensive range of frozen fish and seafood products for both retail, wholesale, foodservice and for the food industry. All quality products with recognised international standards and acceditations.

Uhrenholt was the first shrimp supplier in the world who was certified to use the Euro Leaf logo on organic shrimps.

- Coldwater cooked and peeled shrimps - Coldwater shell-on shrimps - Crayfish tail meat - Mulles Meat - Vannamei - Black tiger - Indian shrimps

Dairy Retail, Wholesale and Foodservice - Uhrenholt has a long tradition and experience within sales of cheese. We supply a full range of cheeses sourced from all over the world. To get the best quality we aim to source the cheeses from where the cheese has its origin.

Vegetable products
Traditional vegetables - Popular range of classic vegetables individually quick-frozen, for example peas, peas & carrots, sweet corn, beans and mixed vegetables.
Exotic vegetables - Exciting range of different vegetable mixes, grilled vegetables, and breaded onion rings.

French Fries - Available in two different thicknesses - straight cut 10 x 10 mm and shoe string 7 x 7 mm, in various lengths and grades (a, b, c).

Meat products
Chicken franks - Premium European quality Chicken Franks in a Regular and Hot & Spicy variant. Produced in various sizes depending on individual requirements. Skinless, quick-frozen.

Beef franks - A perfect blend of seasonings and an ideal smoking process has given Emborg Beef Franks a great flavour. Produced in various sizes depending on individual requirements. Skinless, quick-frozen.

Other meat products - A wide range of tasty products which are easy and convenient to prepare. Product examples: Beef burgers, Beef franks, bacon, meat balls etc. Sizes depending on individual requirements.